Extensive Repairs for busy Newport Docks

This 18 month project saw extensive concrete repair, hydro-demolition and spray concrete works to the underside and support structure of the busy Alexandra Dock, Newport South Wales. The Docks are in operation 24 hours a day and for 7 days a week.

The site was a closed dock, with manually adjusted water levels to accommodate the varying ship sizes that used the port. Daily liaison and planning with the Harbour Master and Associated British Ports (ABP) was essential to mitigate disruption to the port and to ensure safe working conditions to all CRL staff. Further programme projections were made public to a scrap metal business in close proximity to the site compound as to allow for works to be phased around minimising their operations. Careful planning in terms of work areas was necessary given the particular shipping traffic which dictated the sequence of working.

With only one metre clearance between the underside of the dock and the working water level further access was achieved by partially submerging five, eight metre long steel framed work barges. This allowed for a safe, comfortable working throughout both high and low tide that ultimately increased productivity and reduced costs.  
All the works were undertaken while the Quay remained operational with the client being very satisfied with the completed structure.

“The repair works carried out by CRL were done in a very professional manner.”

Mark Elliot | Project Engineer | Associated British Ports

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