CRL Restoration was awarded the contract to restore the clock tower and clock faces of Colchester town hall in 2016.

Scope of works:

    • brick repairs
    • stone repairs
    • timber repairs to the bell supports
    • concrete repairs to the internal of the bell tower
    • repair of the internal cast iron spiral staircase
    • painting of the staircase
    • removal and reinstatement of the three clock faces

The work started in June 2016 and ran through till September 2016.

Scaffold was erected around the clock tower and supported from ground level.

Once the scaffold was erected, the three clock faces were removed and lowered to street level where they were taken away and restored by a nominated specialist.

This had to be done with great care as they were being lowered above a public walk way. The clock faces were lowered by a pulley system very slowly as to not damage the clock faces, or cause any risk to the public below.

While the clock faces were away being restored the other works took place.

Once all the restoration work was completed, the clock faces were lifted into position and re-installed with a new lighting system installed behind each face.