Iconic Bristol Water Tower Restored

Durdham Down Water Tower was constructed in 1954. It comprises of a twelve-sided reinforced concrete water tank with an inner and outer compartment supported on reinforced concrete fin piers and a reinforced concrete structure housing a concrete access staircase and landings. The total storage capacity is 2.73m litres of potable water.

The tower and adjacent covered surface reservoir in turn supply potable water to the local population. The tower and reservoir are enclosed in a compound owned by Bristol Water which is surrounded by a low masonry wall and railings. The compound is covered with mature landscape.

The refurbishment of the Durdham Water tower for Bristol Water situated on Clifton Downs is nearing completion.

A significant scaffold has been erected around the tower to enable access to the external elevations and a passenger / goods hoist was also erected to the full height of the scaffold. Further scaffolding / access was required to be erected within the two tanks so that the existing membrane could be removed by hydro-demolition. The debris arising from the removal of existing coatings was then removed with the assistance of vacuum extraction. Cracks identified beneath the existing lining were banded with the MasterSeal 930/933 Hypalon bandage system. All concrete surfaces within the tanks received an initial cementitious skim coat (Intercrete 4800) applied by hand before and then overcoated with 2 coats of Acothane DW protective coating.

Other works have included:

      • Concrete repairs and application of AC coatings to all areas of the external of the water tower,
      • Application of Triflex membrane to the main roof of the water tower,
      • Installation of new windows,
      • Internal upgrade of the existing lighting system to all staircase and landing areas,
      • Installation of new roof perimeter handrails,
      • Installation of new circular roof enclosure to the main access / egress area, which included a new vertical ladder and handrails, and 
      • The installation of new handrails to all areas to the internal of the tower (this element of the works was installed by abseilers).

"What an amazing job has been done on the water tower! It is totally transformed and looks fantastic."

A Community Stakeholder

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