To begin the day,a team building exercise was introduced, the challenge being to replicate the Chesterfield Parish Church’s Crooked Spire using straws and marshmallows. Each of the 10 tables produced several structures and everyone was declared a winner. 

The speakers for the day were sourced from outside the company in order to provide an alternative approach to our previous Safety Day. The intended outcome of the day was to go beyond the traditional safety themes and develop a more inclusive approach towards how we treat people at work.

Our speakers included Sam Leigh who spoke about Mental Health First Aid and what we can do to address the situation of mental health in the workplace; Mark Heath, from the Gangmasters and Labour Abuse Authority, whose aim is to protect vulnerable and exploited  workers, who described the prevalence of Modern Day Slavery within labour supply chains; Mick Loughran, a motivational speaker, who gave an emotional talk on Motivation and how one error at work has impacted him, and his family’s life; Carole Ann Smith provided an informative talk on how Fairness, Inclusion and Respect is being implemented at work and throughout society through the identification and eradication of any form of discrimination and, lastly, Andy Butterfield of Highways England expanded on the HE’s Home Safe and Well philosophy.

All delegates were given a ‘Goody Bag’ upon departure that contained a selection of information on mental and physical health matters along with some small gifts.

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