CRL Refurbish Student Accomodation ...

The project at Huddersfield University consisted of various works to two buildings. All works were carried out with the buildings ‘live’ without the necessity to decant any students.

The first building, Joseph Priestley’s, required all the existing windows to be replaced with new Schuco ones. This proved to be extremely problematic as we were only given a certain number of laboratories at any one time to work on due to classes having to take place. Due to the sensitive equipment inside each laboratory, a full enclosure was built inside to control the dust when the windows got replaced. Once the windows had been installed, the areas around the window reveals were plastered and redecorated.

Externally, all the stonework was Doff (steam) cleaned to remove all dirt and stains. Once this activity was complete, all the joints were cut out to allow for a Cathodic Protection (ICCP) system to be installed. Extra care needed to be taken when grouting in the ribbon anodes so as not to stain the stonework. Once the CP system had been installed and tested, the chases were repointed by the stonemasons with a previously approved mortar mixture to match the existing.

The second building, Ramsden, was a listed building, therefore requiring that any repairs carried out, or the replacement of the Sash windows needed to be ‘like-for-like’. The windows were first surveyed and then replaced or repaired. All the burnt mastic around the frames was also replaced. All windows, new and old, were then prepped and re-painted.

Lime mortar samples were made up and once approved, agreed locations of stonework repairs and pointing were carried out.

All elevations on both buildings were scaffolded to provide easy access to the works required. Due to the complex shape of the buildings and the requirements to access certain areas, bespoke access scaffolding was designed, all to TG20. To avoid too much interface with students and members of the public, it was necessary to remove certain section of the scaffolding in out of hours times.

Scope of works:

      • Principal Contractor duties
      • design & erection of bespoke access systems
      • DOFF cleaning to stonework
      • installation of an ICCP system
      • replacement and re-decoration of windows
      • sealing around windows