Islington Town Hall is a Listed Building and is constructed of a steel frame with a decorative Portland Stone exterior. The building was showing signs of deterioration including Regent Street Disease in a number of locations.

CRL, as Specialist Contractor, was employed to address the structural defects and carry the town hall stonework restoration. The works were carried out whilst the Town Hall was in use. The Hall has many chambers and we were required to co-ordinate with the Hall Administration Team to ensure that the important meetings were not disrupted.

Scope of works:

    • Facade Cleaning (DOFF)
    • Installation of remote controlled Impressed Current Cathodic Protection system
    • Stonework rebuilding, restoration & replacement

To ensure that the town hall stonework restoration works have long lasting durability CRL also installed an remote controlled Impressed Current Cathodic Protection system to guard against and greatly inhibit future corrosion.