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Iver Water Treatment Works was built in 1974 and the original installed plant was designed to treat 160 Ml/d, with space for future expansion. Following a number of upgrades, it now provides water up to a maximum of 225 Ml/d.

As part of the framework contract, CRL was contracted to carry out a major refurbishment of the pulsator clarifiers and the flash mixers at Iver WTW, Buckinghamshire.

In addition to the refurbishment, CRL was also contracted to carry out ECI works. This involved detailed investigation works to determine the best cover solutions due to the degradation of the existing covers. CRL worked with structural engineers and cover manufacturers in putting forward a detailed proposal to Affinity Water. The cover investigation works required site visits to various sites in the UK, USA and Canada.

The refurbishment works included:

    • Removal of asbestos pipework and toblerone baffles and plates from each of the clarifiers,
    • Installation of 20 GRP ladders approximately 4m long,
    • Repairs to the concrete in the flash mixer area,
    • Replacement of handrail in the flash mixers,
    • Cleaning and coating of all other handrail in the clarifiers,
    • Removal of sludge from tanks,
    • Overbanding of defective joints, and
    • Waterproofing repairs to rooflights and walkways.

The works were specifically constrained by the outage periods available, and CRL worked in 2 x 6 week outages with access to 10 of the clarifiers at any one time.

CRL acted as Principal Contractors on the works and employed a specialist asbestos removal company to carry out the asbestos works. Another important safety issue was the presence of ozone gas on site which required the use of specific gas monitors during the works.

CRL was able to carry out the works with minimal disruption to the operation of the plant.

"This project was typical of the type of responsibility we were asked to take on by Affinity Water as part of the Framework. There was a lot of collaboration and ECI works involved to come up with the final solution."

Michael Balletta | Infrastructure Manager | CRL

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