Innovative access solution saves the day ...

Following an extended ECI process culminating in a competitive bid, CRL were awarded the contract to replace the cast in-situ concrete parapet edge beams to the Ashflat Lane Bridge over the M6 in Area 9.

Through collaboration with the supply chain CRL came up with an innovative solution of a cantilevered support and protection system to allow the work to this over bridge to be carried out whilst keeping traffic running on the M6 underneath. The support frame was assembled on the bridge with a kentledge and the over slung modular sections fabricated on the M6 hard shoulder then lifted and attached to the road frame during night time closures.

This fully enclosed and sealed working environment allowed work to continue whilst the M6 remained open using hydro demolition to remove the top layer of concrete and expose the steel reinforcement and ringsaw cutting to remove the concrete parapet in manageable blocks.

After removal of the existing edge beam a new steel reinforcement cage was installed and the parapet recast. The bridge deck was then re-waterproofed, new surfacing laid and a new vehicle parapet installed.

CRL managed all aspects of health, safety, and welfare of the workforce. There were no reportable or major accidents. There was a very positive health and safety culture on site, with good collaboration with the workforce, subcontractors and suppliers. Safety briefings were held before every shift. Many toolbox talks were given, and many senior management safety inspections/audits carried out, which helped ensure the project was delivered safely and to the highest quality standards.

The work was carried out over a busy motorway near residential properties and with pedestrian access maintained across the bridge. It was a challenging scheme which has highlighted the importance of suppliers and contractors working together to achieve a successful outcome.

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