Supporting Keynsham Local Radio - KTCRfm

Back in December 2019, CRL Bristol were approached by the new Keynsham local radio station, KTCRfm, for permission to attach a radio aerial to the (disused) chimney of our offices, our building being on the highest point of land in the local area. This was agreed both with CRL’s landlord and ourselves.

Since the initial installation, volunteers from the radio station have made several more visits to the office for the fixing of a GPS antenna to the existing aerial, later replaced by a new digital antenna, and the installation of a larger transmitter box.

In December 2022, KTCRfm started broadcasting in DAB as well as FM across Bath & North East Somerset and South Gloucestershire. 24 hours a day broadcasts feature a mix of music, live broadcasts and locally produced programmes on community matters and local interests, reaching a large local audience and helping to alleviate loneliness in those living in isolation.

In further support of this local community project, CRL Bristol have agreed to include the electricity costs of the transmitter box within our bills.


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