CRL has a British Record Holder

This year our very own Adam Drzazga had the pleasure of representing Great Britain at the 30th AIDA (International Association for the Development of Apnea) Freediving World Championships. The competition was held on the small island of Jeju in South Korea, a beautiful island with rich traditions and a bountiful history.

In total, nearly 200 competitors from all over the world competed in the championship, with the British team consisting of 5 people, 3 guys and 2 ladies, 2 of which reside in the UK , 1 in Australia and 2 in Singapore. 

During the event multiple national, as well continental records were broken, including one world record which was achieved by Polish freediver. Adam was one of those competitors who broke a national record when he covered a distance of 208m (using fins) in a time of 3minutes & 40 seconds on a single breath of air. This makes him the UK champion in this discipline.

Adam had this to say; “Months of training, both physical and mental, pool drills and sacrifices had to be made to prepare for this single attempt. But it was all worth it to become UK champion again!”

If Adam is able to raise funds and sponsorship, and get in enough training to be in shape, he is hoping to again wave the British flag again at the 31st AIDA Depth World Championships to be held in Cyprus this September.

The sport of freediving is unique and difficult. It requires mental and physical strength, commitment, and lots of sacrifices, - but it will teach you to have patience, how to relax and build your mental strength. Ontop of all that you will meet new people, travel to different destinations, and learn new things about people and their cultures, all while expanding your understanding of the world and gaining new experiences. 

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