Mental Health Awareness Week

As many of you will be aware, Mental Health Awareness week is the 10th-16th May. This year, the theme for the week is ‘Nature’. Across the country, people will be celebrating the mental health benefits of being around nature in their local community in a range of digital and creative ways.

In line with the ‘Nature’ theme CRL is encouraging all their staff to take an hour from their day to disconnect from work and get out for a walk in their local area. In order to properly disconnect from work it is imperative that you are not on the phone or answering emails during this time (unless absolutely necessary, or an emergency!). What would be nice is for everyone to take wildlife / nature photos that we can share on our social media accounts or in other ways.

Mental health is a serious problem in the construction industry with online surveys indicating that over 50% of people are not willing to disclose the real reason for having to take leave. Working in the construction industry, we aim to build a supportive culture by raising awareness on mental health issues in a range of practical ways. 

In order to maintain our commitment to providing a safe work environment for all of our employees, CRL has appointed Mental Health First Aiders in all of our regional offices and is training our staff to identify people with these issues and to learn how to manage the conversation.

Image Source: Mental Health Foundation

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