M53 Moreton North Bridge Replacement Scheme

During March 2020, Concrete Repairs Ltd. were appointed as Principal Contractor on a scheme to remove, demolish and construct a replacement overbridge at junction 2 of the M53 motorway on the Wirral. This scheme is part of the Highways England CWF framework located in the North West.

The bridge had been constructed over 50 years ago and has recently had a weight restriction imposed due to its reduced structural capability.

Prior to removing the existing structure, temporary stillages were installed in a nearby laydown area for the bridge demolition and removal to take place. During a full weekend closure, the 24 metre long, 800 tonne bridge had been raised, transported, and deposited onto the stillages using an SPMT (self-propelled motorised transporter).

Following the removal of the bridge deck, the two half joints were then re-constructed in readiness for the new bearings to be installed. A row of 8no. spherical bearings were installed on each of the half joints, followed by the installation of steel beams. The new 24 metre long steel beams were then lifted into place and connected onto the bearings during two consecutive night closures.

Construction of the new bridge consisted of four reinforced concrete pours, those being the main deck, the North stringcourse, the Southern cantilever, and the Southern stringcourse. Following the completion of the concrete works, the remaining finishing works could then proceed, including the parapet systems, waterproofing, surfacing and installation of the new street lighting.

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