CRL Awarded Six Scheme Delivery Frameworks by National Highways

After a rigorous tender selection process over eight months, Concrete Repairs Ltd (CRL) is pleased to announce the award of six frameworks by National Highways. The SDF contracts straddle the Road Investments Strategies for periods 2 and 3 to enable a smooth transition between them.

CRL secured four SDF contracts for Lot 10 providing structural services and concrete repairs in Areas 1 & 2,9,10 and 12 with a projected investment of £70M in the next 5-6 years. CRL also secured two SDF contracts for Lot 11 providing cathodic protection services in Areas 7 & 9 with a projected investment of £52M over the same period.

The contracts were awarded on the basis of Quality and Price with a 70/30 split. CRL had the highest quality score and combined with a very competitive financial submission was ranked first in the Lots applied for resulting in the award of a significant proportion of the work for Lots 10 and 11.

CRL has over 65 years of experience in maintaining highway structures across the UK and has worked for National Highways (formerly known as Highways England) for many years. This significant award underlines the company’s commitment to asset maintenance in the highways sector delivering on quality and value.

Dave Burgess (CRL’s Highway Director) had this to say; “Concrete Repairs Limited are delighted to receive the news of our intended awards within the Scheme Delivery Framework and look forward to working with National Highways (NH) and all other community partners on this collaborative framework.”

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