Lifespan now the leading supplier of moulded FRP composite bridges in the UK

Lifespan Structures (one of our sister companies) is now the leading supplier of moulded FRP composite bridges in the UK. They have designed and supplied over 30 bridges in the UK with many more to follow in 2022.

Where possible they try to involve other Centura Group businesses; CRL have installed 5 of their bridges and Samuely often provide the layouts and foundation design for the schemes.

The success in utilising the Group capabilities in the bridge market is now being promoted as a Group Strategy for Bridge Management to include testing, inspection, surveys, structural assessment, maintenance and replacement of bridges to all key clients.

Lifespan Structures clients include Forestry England, Canal and River Trust, Scottish Water and many local authorities with regular repeat orders, for example both North Yorkshire CC and LB of Enfield have ordered 5 footbridges in the last 3 years.

The benefits of utilising a composite bridge are considerable when compared to traditional steel, concrete or timber bridges;

• Cost competitive,
• Off-site construction,
• Reduced carbon and energy embodiment,
• 120-year design life with minimal maintenance,
• Lightweight → quicker, safer and cheaper to install.

Lifespan Structures are also now beginning to look at replacing timber and concrete decks with moulded FRP composite decks and small vehicle bridges.

FRP composite materials have been successfully used in the aeronautical, marine and automotive industries for 50 years, so they are not new. We are in the same position we were in with CFRP composite plate bonding in the 1990s when steel plate bonding was the preferred option. Within 20 years’ moulded FRP composite decks, small vehicle bridges and footbridges will be the preferred option because they are cheaper, more durable and sustainable.

For more information, or to request a CPD, please visit Lifespan Structures website at

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