Construction Worker Health Assessment Guidance Lauched

Nigel Roper (Centura Group) has been collaborating with specialist occupational clinicians and hygienists to develop ‘fitness for work’ guidance for the construction industry.

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The SOM Construction Special Interest Group was formed in July 2020 to produce the Construction Worker Health Assessment Guidance. A multidisciplinary team worked on the project: occupational health (OH) physicians and OH nurses with experience in policy and construction with input from occupational hygienists and health and safety professionals.

There is currently no health assessment guidance in place for ‘Fitness for Work in Construction.’ This is not a legal requirement but has become custom and practice for many sectors of the construction industry. It is hoped this guidance will assist OH professionals working in construction and guide construction professionals in the industry. SOM would like to acknowledge the Special Interest Group, Chaired by Professor Anne Harriss.

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