Total structural renovation for Peterborough MSCP's

CRL completed phase 1 of a £7.5 million total structural renovation and service upgrade of the car parks to the Queensgate Shopping centre Peterborough. The works have resulted in a significantly improved parking experience for shoppers.

Following the removal of the existing coatings any defects in the decks were identified and repaired. Approximately 10000 m2 of a colour coded anti slip coating was then applied to levels four through twelve with levels two and three being re-tarmaced.

The existing cathodic protection system previously installed to levels two and three was assessed and overhauled accordingly with reference anodes, wiring and control systems replaced.

As part of the contract all lift lobbies and stairwells were completely refurbished, with CRL installing new suspended ceilings and impact resistant boarding to the walls. The stairwell entry and exits were then colour coded to match the scheme used in the car park and directional signage.

The renovation also include the complete replacement of all lighting and CCTV systems to all levels, greatly improving customers overall feeling of safety and assuredness. The new lighting system installed is motion sensitive operating at 10% until activated by pedestrian or vehicular traffic thus not only economical but environmentally beneficial. To manage the new electrical systems the existing operations room was re-fitted to house state of the art remote monitoring station.

These, along with the widened parking bays, colour coded parking bays and driving isles with improved entry / exit systems ensures a much more pleasant parking experience for the users.

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