Pushing for a green future

For the last eight years CRL have been involved in the installation and maintenance of wind turbine projects throughout the UK and Ireland.

This work has covered a broad spectrum of disciplines including grouting works on new installations, assessment of turbine stability on existing windfarms, stabilisation of turbines exhibiting excessive movement, concrete repairs to gravity bases, resin injection of voids in bases and waterproofing of turbine base interface.

To date CRL have worked on over 800 turbine installations throughout the country for all of the major players, Vestas, Siemens, Nordex, Gamesa and other smaller turbine manufacturers and we currently have a significant forward order book of both new installations and structural repair works.

CRL continue to develop new innovative repair techniques specifically for this market and many of these solutions have had to be developed from first principals, as the problems that occur in this relatively new industry are often unique and do not follow the normal expectations of typical construction defects.

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