The Repair and Refurbishment of NHS Buildings & Multi-storey Car Parks

The NHS is going through some dramatic changes, so sometimes the maintenance of your buildings and structures can seem the least of your worries. At CRL we can help you take care of your buildings and structures so you can spend more time dealing with the really important issues.

Trying to decide what repairs need to be carried out and how to go about them can be challenging. As the Owner involved with the maintenance of these assets you will be aware that buildings age over time, and as they age they require regular maintenance and repairs. This could vary from a total overhaul of the exterior of the building, to just concrete repairs, or a new coat of paint. At CRL we can help you make thses decisions!

The presentation, 'The Repair and Refurbishment of NHS Buildings & Multi-storey Car Parks' will introduce you to Concrete Repairs Limited (CRL), tell you why you need to carry out a condition survey and investigation prior to repairing your structure, detail what your options are once you have the results from the survey, show you how to carry out a concrete repair, explain what corrosion prevention is and how it is used to protect your building/structure, touch on structural strengthening (some buildings do require upgrading!) and talk about projects that CRL have carried out in the Health sector.

The Presentations