Major Refurbishment for Surrey Water Towers

Both water towers were built in 1930 from conventionally reinforced concrete and although over the ensuing period they have stood up to the elements remarkably well, Sutton & East Surrey Water realized if they were to maximize their use, both internal and external upgrading was required.

After a thorough condition survey and investigation, CRL tendered for and were awarded the contract to carry out the internal and external refurbishment of the Rusper and Betchworth Water Towers in Surrey for Sutton & East Surrey Water.

The works started with the repair of any spalled and cracked concrete, including the roof parapets and the enclosed area beneath the bowl. The concrete surfaces were then thoroughly cleaned down and a fairing coat applied prior to the spray application of Sika’s Sikagard 550W Anti-Carbonation System.

The existing asphalt membrane covering the roof area above the bowl was repaired and cleaned down prior to Irathane’s Aqualine 400a being applied as the roof waterproof coating.

The internal works within the water bowls included the removal of the existing internal asphalt lining to the walls, floor and columns, repairs to any spalled and cracked concrete, cleaning down the surfaces, reprofiling where necessary, overbanding the cracks and re-lining with Irathane’s Aqualine 650.

The roof soffits and beams were surveyed, any spalled and cracked concrete repaired and a protective coating applied to all areas. To keep up with current Health & Safety requirements the existing wooden internal access staircase (which had been there since 1930!) was removed and replaced with a more ‘modern’ one, as well as the ladder from the bowl roof for access into the tank.

“Now that the final phase of these works is completed we are confident that, thanks to the specialist advice and quality workmanship we received from CRL, the life of both towers has been extended by some 25 years and they will continue to operate safely and efficiently to provide clean, high quality potable water to the local community for a long time to come.”

Simon Thompson | Project Engineer | Sutton & East Surrey Water

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