CRL restores historic London church

St Aloysius is a church of the mid-1960s which replaced one of the earliest churches of the Catholic Revival in London.  The modern design with its conspicuous brick drum is effective both externally and internally and the building has retained most of its original 1960s fittings.

The church occupies an irregular site, largely enclosed on three sides with its principal frontage to Phoenix Road and a smaller frontage to Eversholt Street. The main body of the church consists of an elliptical brick drum with a continuous concrete clerestory set on a raised flat-roofed brick podium, which is bookended by the taller presbytery and narthex.

Concrete Repair Limited carried out intensive concrete repair base on the survey carried out by CRL Survey condition assessment of St. Aloysius RC church.

CRL survey undertook a condition survey in early 2020, and Concrete Repair Limited (CRL) begin the repair works from August 2020. The works which was agreed with specific set duration of 7 weeks, with no extra time to be allowed, the works was completed within agreed time. CRL introduced a sol-silicate mineral paint to be used on concrete surface after the completion of the concrete repair, to paint to provide a colour wash or semi-transparent finish and form a chemical crystalline bond with the substrate.

The works consist of the following:

    • Site Establishment,
    • Erection of access scaffolding/works,
    • Concrete Repair,
    • Application of a fairing coat, and
    • Application of Keim Mineral paint.

"It was a pleasure working on this project. The client was really helpful in assisting us to carry out the works on the occupied building."

Khalid Rahmany | Project Manager | CRL

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