New Composite construction technique used ...

CRL were commissioned by Birse Rail to supply and assemble a fibre reinforced polymer (FRP) composite deck to replace an existing vehicle access bridge over a rail line.

The bridge was designed by Tony Gee & Partners using pultruded FRP sections supplied by Fiberline in Denmark. CRL purchased the materials and assembled the bridge deck near to the site using adhesives to connect the sections. This was a complex assembly requiring two layers of Fiberline sections for the deck and a third layer for the parapet edge. Strict sequencing and quality control was required to ensure the sections were fully bonded.

Once the deck was completed Birse Rail transported the bridge to site and installed the bridge during a 9 hour rail occupation period. The overall bridge deck was 10m long, 4.9m wide and weighed 12 tonnes. It was designed to full Eurocode vehicle loadings and was the first fully composite road deck installed over rail in the UK.

“We have worked closely and successfully with CRL for over twenty years in the UK and Middle East. They occupy a special position in the market and are clear about where they add value.”

Graham Nicholson | Executive Managing Director | Tony Gee and Partners LLP

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