This Christmas, CRL teamed up with EthStat Ethical Stationary CIC – a social enterprise based in South London – to support their Christmas Hamper project which supports local homeless people back into employment and to get back on track.

EthStat employ local homeless individuals to pack their hampers, offering them employment, an opportunity to build their skills and experience, and a route off the streets. In addition, the hampers are filled with ethical and sustainable food and wellbeing products that are plastic free, and local sourced from other UK social enterprises, adding further value to the causes they support.

We purchased 24 hampers (which included items such as chocolate, socks and soap) and asked EthStat to donate them to local charities (such as Evolve Housing & Support and Nightwatch Croydon) to give those on the streets some goodies this Christmas. Needless to say, the hampers were well received by both charities and final recipients.

EthStat kindly said: “We went to Evolve Housing + Support today … to give some much-needed giving as we are fighting this fight with Concrete Repairs Limited to end homelessness and offer a ray of sunshine and hope. On behalf of EthStat Ethical Stationary CIC, we thank you so much, and it's a pleasure to journey this road with you.”

While Evolve Housing & Support said: “Thank you to you all, the donations are very much appreciated!”.

Learn more about EthStat here.

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