Multi-storey car parks have been part of our lives in the UK since 1901

Car park structures are an essential part of the UK infrastructure and are important assets for many shopping centres, businesses, and local authorities. To ensure that these structures are safe, both structurally and for the car park users and commercially viable they require regular maintenance and upkeep. Effective car park maintenace is essential as car parks are frequently exposed to severe conditions, including de-icing salts that will lead to corrosion of the reinforcement. This is a safety hazard to the car park users and if not treated will also structurally weaken the car park and lead to closure. MSCP’s are often of a relatively slender constructions that are nowadays required to support ever increasing loads from larger vehicles.  Without the correct maintenance significant structural problems can develop which unfortunately have already led to various car park collapses across the country.

CRL specialise in car park maintenance: the inspection and refurbishment of multi storey and underground car park structures. With our 60 years’ international experience in the  MSCP repair & refurbishment industry we can provide successful cost-effective solutions which meet the client objectives.

The majority of our car park maintenance work is undertaken by our own in-house skilled operatives and supervised by our Chartered Engineers. Our planning team can programme the works to be undertaken whilst the car park remains in operation with minimum disruption to the parking public and loss of parking spaces/revenue.

CRL are able to undertake the full refurbishment of car parks including :

CRL realise the importance of a fast return to service following car park maintenance work and minimising loss of car parking spaces and revenue. We will work with you to optimise the programme, looking at sequences, fast cure materials, out of hours working whilst maintaining a safe working environment both for your users and our operational teams.

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“The NEC3 contract is founded upon all the parties acting “in a spirit of mutual trust and co-operation”. CRL and ourselves (BOP) exemplified this throughout the project. Flexibility on both sides, open communication and a joint ambition to do a great job, ensured success. And it really has been a success.”

Beth Barker-Stock | Highway Design Team Leader | Borough of Poole (Dolphin MSCP)