Gain knowledge of the condition of your assets 

With all asset maintenance works it is important to understand the nature and extent of any deterioration before the refurbishment works are planned and executed. BS EN1504 states; there must be a concrete condition survey and an interpretation of the results before embarking on a concrete repair project! Without a thorough concrete condition survey it is not possible to decide on the methodology of the repairs, or whether the structure requires any further protection; such as an anti-carbonation coating, or corrosion prevention.

A thorough Inspection, Assessment/ Structural Investigation should be considered as risk mitigation, e.g. mitigating the risks of dilapidations developing into defects /unknowns and developing into extra overs during repair and refurbishment projects. With the former we can assist you with maintaining your structures in safe, operational condition, whilst gathering the data needed to prioritise timely maintenance and for the latter we can assist you take budgetary control, minimising the risks of costly overruns.

With our 60 years’ experience in the maintenance of structures and buildings we are able to provide a comprehensive inspection service for Consultants, Architects, Surveyors and end clients. This service is provided by our Centura Group Company, CRL Surveys Ltd, which is UKAS Accredited to ISO/IEC 17025:2017 registration number 2728. Using a UKAS Accredited business demonstrates due diligence and ensures the technical competence and integrity of the organisation. The UKAS accreditation also gives Customers assurance that we are competent and helps demonstrate our commitments to both quality of service and mitigation of your risk.

CRL can also provide structural inspections and analysis through our Centura Group Company, Buxton Associates, which is a Structural Engineering business and member of the Association of Consulting Engineers (ACE).

Unlike most inspection/testing companies we not only identify the defects but also able to provide the following;

All of the above allows our clients to quickly make an informed decision on how to proceed with the refurbishment works, as well as providing the specialist input for the contract documentation.

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"BS EN1504 is clear; there must be a survey and an interpretation of the results before embarking on a concrete repair project!"