65 Years Of Marine Refurbishment

Concrete marine structures are often continually exposed to extreme environments such as tidal chloride water, wave action and storms. These conditions can lead to excessive deterioration which can threaten the overall integrity and stability of such structures.

CRL have extensive experience of refurbishing client’s marine assets with regards assessing the scope of works and advising on the optimum form of access (which is key to successful operations on the structure taking into account tidal movement and environmental constraints). CRL have used scaffold, cradles, pontoons, bespoke solutions for low head room and steel structures for longer duration projects.

CRL can advise, and carry out the required survey works for such structures. CRL Surveys can undertake condition surveys of marine structures.

Typically, high strength concrete will need to be broken out, often in large quantities. This lends itself to the use of hydro demolition. Environment considerations may dictate the entrapment and treatment of the water, as well as suitable containment from a safety perspective.

With high chlorides comes the risk of incipient corrosion, as well as future corrosion of the structure. CRL have installed ICCP systems that should increase the life of the structure for a further 50 years. CRL have systems running for over 25 years that continue to provide protection to marine structures.

On some marine asset’s coatings have been used to provide further protection to the structure. Galvanic as well as Impressed systems are used in certain circumstances, particularly below water level where ALWC may be an issue. CRL are able to undertake the design of such systems, install them and and give guidance on expected lifespan.

CRL also undertake miscellaneous works often found on marine structures, such as;

Steel piles and sheet piling which are not protected can also suffer from accelerated low water corrosion. We repair the affected areas by over plating where needed and then the installation of coatings, wraps or cathodic protection.

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“CRL is very professional in their approach and in executing the works to be carried out”

Rob Green | Site Manager | Raymond Brown Construction (Haslar Bridge, Gosport)