Working with the Right Organisations

CRL understands that who we choose to work with and how we work with them can make a big impact. Working with organisations who share our vision means we can deliver maximised positive change.

We want to continue building a diverse supply-chain that includes small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) and voluntary, community and social enterprises (VCSEs). Having a diverse supply-chain makes for a healthy business – we find new and innovative ways of working – which not only benefits us, but also our communities and our environment.

It has been shown that for every £1 spent with local small or medium businesses, generates an additional 63p in the local economy. (Federation of Small Businesses and Centre for Local Economic Strategies - Local procurement: Making the most of small businesses, one year on).




Collaboration is Key

CRL is committed to building strong working relationships built on trust, respect and strong communication. This is why we support sustainable and ethical procurement, and we ensure our supply-chain is paid on time.

As an SME ourselves, we understand our limitations in social value delivery and the importance of collaboration. We work with our clients and supply-chain to support their social value ambitions and increase our overall social value delivery. Collaborating with local community organisations as well as our clients and supply-chain helps us to better understand local needs where our efforts should be focussed.

CRL has an ISO 44001 Collaborative Business Relationship Management Systems accreditation from an independent auditor.

"Construction is a key part of the economy, a driver of jobs and growth... the construction industry plays a unique role in economic growth and has a huge impact on both the economy and society."

Chartered Institute of Building


Working with our supply-chain partners

Where possible, we source suppliers / sub-contractors from the local area where the projects are being carried out. In order to draw our suppliers / sub-contractors from the local community, we will;

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