We are pleased to announce that Concrete Repairs Limited have a new partnership with Community Wood Recycling to collect waste timber from our P86 Gravelly Hill site and put it to good use. Community Wood Recycling recently made their first wood collection from site.

Community Wood Recycling is a nationwide network of social enterprises who collect waste timber from construction sites, saving it from ending up in landfill. They reuse timber in many ways such as repairing pallets, providing communities with wood for DIY and building projects, selling firewood and making a range of wooden products to sell on. Any wood they cannot reuse is recycled into chipboard so nothing is wasted.

As well as saving valuable wood from being thrown away, Community Wood Recycling provide work, training and volunteering opportunities for local disadvantaged people. In the last year, CWR have saved over 22,000 tonnes of wood, trained 845 volunteers and created/sustained 232 jobs.

We are proud to be working alongside Community Wood Recycling to support the fantastic work they do and hope to expand our partnership with them to sites across the country.

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