Innovation, Innovation, Innovation - CRL Delivers a Solution that Expedites Reservoir Return to Service

As part of the Affinity Water Framework contract, CRL was awarded the contract to refurbish Downsgate 1 and 2 reservoirs in Dover. The works were carried out over two phases and involved full internal and external works. These works included roof waterproofing and placing of new overburden, enlargement of hatches, closure of redundant opening, installation of new hatches, internal and external overbanding of joints and cracks, concrete repairs and coatings, crack injection, survey, installation of ducting and inspection chambers, installation of new roof drainage system and other minor works.

Following an initial inspection, it was observed that there was significant water ingress through the roof slab and some of the walls. These were water quality concerns, so the reservoirs were taken out of service for prompt refurbishment.

Most of the works were fairly standard. CRL was however more innovative in their approach to the roof waterproofing and the placing of the overburden. As a company that is multi-sector, we have the expertise to go beyond others in working with the client to develop or import solutions from other sectors.

Due to weather conditions at the time and the effect of having the reservoirs out of service, CRL worked with Affinity Water to utilise the Triflex Waterproofing system on the roof. The reservoirs were waterproofed quickly and returned back into service in a shorter time frame.

The location of the reservoirs were such that they could not be accessed by cranes or telehandlers. In order to place the overburden, CRL deployed a conveyor belt system that was efficient in delivering circa 300 tonnes of aggregate over the two reservoirs in a matter of days. This limited the exposure of operatives to manually moving and placing the aggregate, reducing the risk of back injuries.

The works carried out included the following:

    • Roof waterproofing with Triflex,
    • Placement of new gravel overburden,
    • Internal and external overbanding of joints and cracks with Masterseal 930/933,
    • Resin Injection to cracks,
    • Formation of new perimeter drain,
    • Concrete repairs, and
    • Formation of new access and installation of new security covers.

"Affinity water has been most complimentary towards CRL with respect to what they consider to be our forward thinking and innovative mind set."

Olu Ogunwale | Framework Manager (Water) | CRL

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