A Flour Mill in Knead of Refurbishment

Due to a preservation order placed on Solent Flour Mill, previously Hovis Flour Mill, and as a result of years of neglect this listed building started to attract attention from the local authorities for the wrong reasons. With this in mind CRL were commissioned to refurbish the structures front facade to ensure the buildings future and restore it to its previous best.

CRL were working on a very tight programme and to ensure the projects efficiency we employed mast climbers as the chosen form of access along the front elevation to enable works to commence almost immediately. Using mast climbers enabled a completed section of the façade to be signed off on time for the Clients inspection.

Following a comprehensive structural survey, the works involved a full clean down of the facade including all brickwork and concrete surfaces. Any necessary concrete repairs were undertaken before applying an anti carbonation coating to the concrete surfaces. Other refurbishment works carried out on the facade included full re-decoration of all windows and doors and the necessary replacement of broken windows and new sealants around all windows and doors. Upon completion the external refurbishment works revitalised the flour mills facade and ensured that this historic structure is preserved for decades to come.

“What could have been a difficult project was made easier by CRL’s excellent attitude.”

Kevin O’Leary | Project Manager | Rank Hovis (Premier Foods Ltd)

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